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What does that mean?

It means she has been proven to be in Heaven and interceding  for humans on earth.

What do you mean proven?

Two documented miracles have occurred as a direct results of praying for her to intercede to Jesus Christ.

What do you mean “documented miracles

A team of  approximately twenty-five doctors from a cross-section of faiths have concluded that the medical evidence is unexplainable by man’s natural laws. This must happen twice after the death of the person in question.

 Why does a person need an intercede to Christ?

They don’t .  It is optional  just like asking your friend to pray for you.  Only the Church can deduce through this thorough process that this friend is in heaven with a direct line to Jesus to grant the miracle.

Is it some kind of popularity vote by the catholic Church?

No it is base off a long study of the person’s virtues as well as two documented miracles.

Why is that significant?

It means the person can optionally, but  without a doubt if they’re in Heaven, be prayed to as an intercessor to Jesus Christ.