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Order exists within the universe and there appears to be an element of design in all things. The design and order point to an intelligent designer. That designer is God.

Change or Motion

The whole universe is in motion or changing. Something can only receive motion from something that is already in motion. Something must have started the ball rolling. That first mover is God.

Efficient Causality

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Every cause has an effect. There must be a beginning cause. That first efficient cause is God

Degrees of Perfection

There exist varying degrees of perfection that are to be found in objects ( i.e. plants, animals, humans, etc.) points towards a common origin of that perfection. One cannot measure perfection unless it is against an absolute standard. This being, which is absolutely the source of all that is good, is God. [/learn  more] [learn  more caption=”Contingency”] If something exists, there must exist what it takes for that thing to exist. (It is contingent) The universe exists. Therefore, there must exist what it takes for the universe to exist. What it takes for the universe to exist cannot exist within the universe or be bound by space or time. Therefore, what it takes for the universe to exist must transcend both space and time. The entity that transcends space and time is God

World as an Interacting Whole

The world is an ordered system of many active elements that interact with each other in a stable relationship which we call physical laws. (i.e. element interactions, mass, and gravity) Science has revealed that our world system is not merely an aggregate of many separate unrelated laws but rather a tightly interlocking whole. No one part to be self-sufficient for self-explanatory. The material universe requires a sufficient reason for its existence as an operating whole a Transcendent Creative Mind. God.


Real moral obligation is a fact. We’re really, truly, objectively are obligated to do good and to avoid evil. Either the atheist view of reality is correct or the religious one is. But the atheist one is incompatible with their being the moral obligation. Who causes this moral obligation? God


You obey your conscience. Where did your conscience get its authority? From something less than you (nature) or something equal to you (society)? No. The only source for the moral obligation left is something superior to you. God is the only adequate source for absolute moral obligation and thus why we obey our conscience. (Note: Only humans have a conscience


Every desire we have corresponds to some real object that can satisfy that desire. But we have in us a desire which nothing in time on this earth or creature can satisfy. Therefore, there must exist something more than time, earth or creature, which can satisfy this desire. This something is life with God forever.


We experience the universe as intelligible with our intelligence. Our finite minds are well suited to grasp it. This cannot be by chance but through an intelligent designer.


A miracle is an event whose only adequate explanation is the extraordinary and direct intervention of God. There are numerous well-attested miracles. Therefore, there are numerous events whose adequate explanation is the extraordinary and direct intervention of God.


Our minds can discover eternal truths about being. This truth resides in our minds. But human minds are not eternal, therefore there must exist an eternal mind in which these truths reside. That is the mind of God.


Whatever begins to exist has to cause for its coming into being. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause for its coming into being. That cause is God.

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