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  1. Not for rational reasons. 
  2. Often the thing rejected is not Christ but Christians.
  3. Often it is a fear of the Church and it’s teaching an authority that scares people away.
  4.  The reluctance is usually moral. To admit that Jesus is divine is to admit his absolute authority over your life.
  5. Some people are afraid of the supernatural because it is mysterious or uncontrollable
  6. Pride, refusal to lose control of the reins of their lives.

  7.  It is not intellectually fashionable to believe in Christ as anything more than a teacher.  We love peer acceptance approval and support. We fear nonconformity, weirdness, or being “out of it”
  8. Finally, American’s and much of the world’s deepest religion is often” equality.”  The notion that all religions are not equal offends our “real religion” of “equality”, which makes no demands on us to discriminate and choose one and justify that choice.
  9. None of these unbeliefs are a reason but only a motive.