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Mystical View of Heaven

Heaven-Of-AngelsAlthough the faithful are not required to believe what the mystics have described in an apparition; it is interesting to see some common themes among the Medjugorje visionaries. All the visionaries have seen Heaven. Vicka and Jakov were physically taken there by the Blessed Mother. Here is a summary of their visions from many interviews:

What did Heaven look like? The Scenery

  • Heaven is a vast space. Vicka
  • The trees, the meadows, and the sky are different from anything we know on earth. Heaven is beautiful beyond any comparison with anything I know of on earth. They were walking in a beautiful park Mirjana
  • It is a place that is unbelievably beautiful. Most beautiful.  Ivanka
  • The people were around the flowers. Marija

The Light

  • It is filled with some sort of beautiful light.  It has a brilliant light that does not leave it. Vicka
  • The light is much more brilliant. Mirjana

What were the people doing?

  • People were walking, praying, they were singing, they were looking at small angels flying above them. Vicka

How many people?

  • There was a multitude of people. Marija

Did the people speak?

  • There was a recognition between them…They were standing there communicating with Her. When the Blessed Mother passed, everybody responded to Her, and She to them. They were speaking, but I could not understand them. The people were in small groups. We spoke to each other (The Blessed Mother, Jakov), but there was no communication with anyone else. Vicka

How old were the people?

  • They were all around 30 years of age. Mirjana (Jesus dies at 33)
  • They were all the same age. No one in Heaven is older than the age of Christ. Marija

How were the people dressed?

  • They were dressed in the types of clothing that Jesus wore. Mirjana
  • We saw people dressed in gray, pink, and yellow robes. Vicka

What did they look like?

  • We saw people looking the very same. There were no thin ones, no fat ones, everyone looked the same. Vicka

What were the people feeling?

  • All are filled with some indescribable joy. You can see it on their faces. But it is impossible to describe with words the great happiness I saw in Heaven. People in Heaven know the absolute fullness of a created being.  Vicka
  • The first thing I noticed was the faces of the people there; they were radiating a type of inner light that showed how immensely happy they were. Mirjana
  • Everyone I saw was filled with happiness I can’t explain.  Ivanka
  • They have everything. They need or want nothing. They are full.   Mirjana
  • People in Heaven are happy. They live in the fullness of God. Ivan
  • People in Heaven were full of joy and all of them are giving thanks for the gifts given to them of God. Every day they realize how much love God has for them. Marija

Why Did the Blessed Mother Show You, Heaven?

  • The Blessed Mother showed us how happy these people are. Blessed Mother only said to us, ‘You see how people who are in Heaven are happy?  Vicka
  • She told me many people on earth today do not believe Heaven exists. She said God has chosen us six visionaries to be instruments of His love and mercy. I have personally seen Heaven. It exists! I’ve seen it! Those who stay faithful to God to the end will see Heaven as a reward for their faithfulness.” Mirjana
  • God made us for Heaven. If you pray, you will know that.” Ivanka

Sister Emmanuel explains what Vicka and Jakov had described to her.