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Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence: The Secret of Peace and Happiness

 Trust in God’s Wisdom

It is a truth of our faith that God is responsible for all the happenings we complain of in the world, and we cannot doubt that all the misfortunes God sends us have an especially useful purpose.

We cannot doubt it without implying that God had a lack of judgment in deciding what is best for us.

It is usually the case that other people can see better than we can ourselves what is good for us. It would be foolish to think that we can see better than God Himself, who is not subject to any of the passions that blind us, knows the future, and can foresee all events and the consequences of every action.

Experience shows that even the gravest misfortunes can have good results and the greatest successes end in disaster.

A rule also that God usually follows is to attain His ends in ways that are the opposite of that human prudence would normally choose.

In our ignorance of what the future holds, how can we be as bold as to question what comes about with God’s permission? Surely it is reasonable to think that our complaints are groundless and that instead of complaining we ought to be thanking Providence