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Pascal’s Wager:


The wager is not truly an argument for the existence of God, but more a reason for believing in God. Blaise Pascal, who first wrote it down, was a French philosopher, mathematician, and physicist.

Pascal concluded that the existence of a God could not be established, that he could never know whether a God did or did not exist. But instead of accepting the position of atheistic agnosticism, he made his infamous, wager.

So, to put it simply if he does not exist your opinion does not matter. But if God does exist, then your belief can affect you for eternity!

Take the bet (source: PragueU Peter Kreeft video below)

So which way do you want to go? Be honest. Doesn’t your heart at least hope that there is a good God, a transcendent validator of love and all the highest human values? Of course, it does. Why would anyone not wish that life has some ultimate purpose, that good and evil are real, that there is ultimate justice, that our love for others means something.

 Hedge your bet

If you choose to live as if there is a God — even if you are not sure there is a God — you lose nothing and you gain everything. Religious Christians and Jews are happier, live longer, and are more charitable than their less observant or secular fellow citizens. These are not my opinions — these are the findings of a multitude of scientific studies. If you have been an atheist for a while, it may be difficult for you to change your thinking, even if you find some merit in the many rational arguments for God’s existence. But you can change your behavior. You can live as if God exists, even if you hold doubts. Why not? As I said, you lose nothing, and you have everything to gain. This behavioral approach is far from new. The Jews have long had a saying, “We will do, and we will understand,” which acknowledges that action often precedes understanding. So why not begin with an action? Why not pray the prayer of the skeptic  ?


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