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If you truly believe that you don’t need God to know what is right or wrong, that your mind is no more than a product of chemistry, that humans are just an accident of nature with no more value than a rock, that there is no real meaning or purpose, and have no issue with people like Stalin, Hitler or Mao Tse-Tung who all killed millions upon millions of humans based on these same assumptions,  then read no further.

If you have the slightest feeling that these attributes do not describe you then please look at some of these key point describing the difference between a believer and a non-believer of God.





  • Man created God in his image
  • Science disproves God’s existence
  • That the natural world is all there is
  • The law of morality

(Knowing Right from Wrong)


  • Natural morality is engraved in your heart by God.

–God is the standard for “Good

Morality, a non material spiritual thing proves that more exists than nature


  • There is no “right or wrong” just cultural norms
  • Consequences of atheistic view on morality

–German atheist philosopher Nietzsche (1844-1900) declares God is dead

– A Russian politician named Joseph Dzhugashvili called Stalin (steel) built the worlds first atheist state, in 1930 he starved to death 7 million kulaks ( land owning farmers)  and millions more were executed.

–A disciple of Nietzsche, Adolf Hitler who believed in survival of the fittest and also believed that  Jews where an inferior race, took it upon himself to exterminate 7 million Jews.

–Mao Tse-Tung Communist Chinese dictator (circa 1949 ) a committed atheist who ruled over a quarter of the world’s population force atheism upon his subjects and was responsible for over 70 million deaths through starvation, forced labor and executions.

  • It not the all atheist are bad. Most aren’t. But the Godless view leaves no moral absolutes. Right and wrong become a personal opinion.

(Based on Happiness)


  • God exist and provides as objective moral standard to determine right from wrong

–Happiness is not a commodity that can be weighed objectively as a basis to make an ethical decisions.

  • With this arbitrary rule anything could be justified on the grounds that it will result in the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people.

Why would anyone want to follow the rule?


–What will bring the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people is right

(Do No Harm)


  • Everyone is hurt in “do no harm” ethics
  • What about Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest”?
  • Why is it universally understood to be wrong for a human to steal, injure or kill another human?


  • Anything you do is right as long as you’re not hurting someone else

(Majority Rules)


  • Wouldn’t right and wrong change as often as the majority changes?
  • Why would a non-believer agree to a rule where they are the minority?


(The Experts)


  • The moral view of right or wrong should not be decided by the “expert” because it will be their worldview.


  • We must let the experts in science, medicine, law and education decide what is right



  • We are obligated to do good and avoid evil
  • Moral laws are implanted in our hearts and God gave us the ability to reason so we can discover God’s moral laws through reason.
  • Without a God the rules are going to be arbitrary


  • Reason can be our guide to morality as it is in everything else.

No God No Knowledge


  • The miracle of the mind is capable of abstract ideas. Like negative numbers, the theory of relativity, love, doubt ,honesty or logic.
  • God created our body and soul. And gave us minds that are free.
  • Freedom of thought is a precondition to morals and discerning truth.
  • Laws of logic are authoritative, to reason rightly is necessary to come to know truth
  • Embrace the truth
  • How does purely a chemical reaction know that 2+2= 4 is the truth?
  • The mind is reliable
  • Without God there is no basis for trusting our thoughts
  • Without God there is no proof.


  • The mind is no more than a product of brain chemistry.
  • Embrace the truth
  • What ever can’t be explained is an illusion
  • The mind is only reliable due to evolution
  • Because this is a universe of random chance no ones know for sure, but I am sure you are wrong.
  • No proof of God

Human Worth


  • Human life is precious
  • Humans have a right to life
  • The fundamental right of all human right of all people is to be truly free to know and love God
  • Inalienable rights give by God ( life liberty and the pursuit of happiness )


  • Humans are just an accident of nature
  • Humans have no value or dignity
  • Rights are granted or taken away by the government or the ballet


–Fetal stem cell research



Consciences, Individuality, Love, Self Awareness, Free Will, Meaning


  • God existence and our creation in God’s image is what accounts for human consciousness
  • People’s personalities and emotions are expression of their individual souls
  • Go is Love
  • By Free will man is the capable of directing himself toward what is true and good. God
  • Meaning: God created the cosmos and everything in it for a meaning.
  • Our meaning is to know and love God. To conform to the image of God


  • Sorrow, memories, ambitions personal identity, love, free will are no more than behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells.
  • There is no meaning
  • Man has no purpose

Faith and Reason


  • Though faith is above reason there never can be a discrepancy between faith and reason since the same God who reveals the mysteries and infused faith has bestowed the light of reason on the human mind
  • Science is utterly incapable of answering the question” Does God Exists?”


  • There is nothing in the world that exists except physical partials and the forces acting on those particles
  • Science has proven that God a non physical being does not exist because science can find no physical evidence to support the possibility of His existence.

If you think that there might be a delusion involved with thinking  that there is no right or wrong, that science disproves God existences,  what the majority  say is right, that the miracles of the mind to reason are just due to evolutionary advances of chemical reaction of atoms, that humans are just an accident of nature and have no value or dignity, things like conscience, free will,truth and love are just behaviors of vast assembly of nerve cells, that atheists such as Stalin, Hitler, and  Mao Tse-Tung did nothing wrong by murdering millions upon millions of people  and that we humans have no meaning or purpose, then please look further into the nearly two dozen proofs of God’s existence on the web site.

Or if you just don’t have time then take the bet. You will anyway.

Excerpt from The Godless delusion by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley

Patrick’s book contrast many of the proofs of God through a look at the human mind. Here is a brief look at the beliefs of a believer and a non-believer in relationship to the mind, morality, ethics. knowledge, human worth, conscience, self awareness, free will and love as well as a look at the contradictions of atheist with themselves.

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