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Designed in the mind of God?

Cause and Effect

Just that no chance happening has ever produced anything comparable to a snowflake, a flower, or a living cell, we might as well ask, ‘How long would you have to shake a box of radio parts before it assembled itself into a radio?’ RADIO_copy

It never would, of course. All you’d get is a bunch of broken radio parts. In the natural universe, things always go from order to disorder.
However, if you went down the street and saw 100 quarters all balance on the edge you would say somebody did this. This was not an accident.

So now let’s look at some examples in science far more convincing that there is an intelligent designer.

A biological example

bloodCould humans have happened by accident?

Life would not be possible without DNA. DNA contains the “master blueprint” that is continually being replicated in every living cell. A typical strand of DNA includes three billion rungs of a digital code that is self-reproducing and error-correcting. Without extremely complex DNA codes, not even the simplest form of life could exist. All DNA consists of combinations of only four nucleic acids: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine. These four nucleic acids compose the 20 amino acids that form over 100,000 functional proteins (chains that are 100 to 500 amino acids long)

What are your odds of the protein in your blood (hemoglobin) happening by accident?

Given the length of the amino acid chain in hemoglobin, there are over 10 652 permutations of amino acids possible, but only one of these combinations is hemoglobin.

Statistically speaking, if it were left to chance alone, there are 7.4 x 10 652 ways to arrange these twenty amino acids that form hemoglobin. To put it in terms we can “see”, there are this many combinations:

“That’s a lot of zeroes.”
Given those odds of one chance in that number, could this miracle protein called hemoglobin have ever developed by time and chance alone?

No. It would be utterly impossible for such a combination to develop without intelligent design considering the following two facts:

a)There are only 1066 atoms =

atoms in the entire universe, so you can’t waste material on false tries.a clock

There have been no more than 10 16 seconds

The Hubble telescope deep space scan, reveals that the accepted age of the universe is 13.7 billion years old. Compare that to the chances of hemoglobin forming on its own.

It is obvious that the chance of this specific sequence occurring by chance is utterly absurd. In fact, in physics, the mathematical definition of “absurd” is any probability less than 1 in 1050 so this puts us far beyond absurd. It is impossible that hemoglobin could have ever accidentally come together even once in the history of the universe.

The above example looks at the protein (hemoglobin) happening by accident, but here are the odds of a single protein happening by accident.

What are the Odds of just a Single Protein Forming by Chance?

Mathematical Challenges to Evolution

If you still are skeptical of the scientific evidence for God, then let’s look at the cosmological evidence.

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More scientific evidence.

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