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Spread the Gospel Through Your Music

We offer up to three songs for free. The product is not inferior, but in fact you will be very happy with the end results.  Many of our recordings are being played on the radio and/or the artist is selling the final CD. We make this special offer purely to encourage people to spread the gospel through music. We specialize in people and groups who have always wanted to record their music but have been a little concerned about the cost or whether they are good enough to record.  With modern technology, imperfect vocals or timing issues can be fixed, and it is our experience that the artist or group will walk away with a few demo songs that will not only improve their live performance of the music but also inspire them to sing even more to the Lord.



Mustard Seed Recording offers audio and video recording, editing and pre-master work.


  • Christian singers, songwriters and groups
  • On sight recording


  • High Definition Video recording, video production

DVD mastering Digital Photo:


Help you set up your own studio