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Bible Feature

It is not just a book. It is God’s love letter to you. The Bible is God’s Revelation.  It is His mind working within your mind. As you read it your mind will start to align with His mind. This is the basis for reaching your wholeness and happiness on this earth. More important than your job, family, chores or even your health, reading even a short passage from the Bible will bring you the fullness of life. Reading the Bible like prayer is a way to listen to God. By reading the Bible you receive God’s grace. By opening your mind to God’s will, God’s kingdom comes to you on earth.

Personal Testimony:

When I was young I tried to read the Bible as if it were a history book or a story that had the ultimate punch line, like treat other as you would be treated.  It was not until, through God’s Grace, and the Holy Spirit that I begin to read it as a form of prayer that the words suddenly started to jump off the page and it began to guide me in even every day decisions.

It is unrealistic to cover the Bible even in a book five times the size of the Bible, let alone a website, but over time we will call out many popular scripture and meditations on the scripts.
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