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 Some people wonder if God exists. This is a big question that needs a lot of thinking and evidence.

We can’t prove God exists like we can prove math problems. We have to use faith, which means trusting what we know even if we don’t know everything. 

There are different ways to look for evidence of God, such as human experience, science, logic, and history. These ways can help us see that God exists.

 Human experience is what we see and feel in our lives.  For example, we have a sense of right and wrong that seems to come from somewhere. We also see that the world is very complex and beautiful, like it was made on purpose. Human experience is not enough to prove God exists, but it can make us curious and want to learn more.

 There are also some logical arguments that can help us think about God’s existence, such as how everything has a cause and a reason.

People are influenced by their own experiences of life, which can point to God’s presence. For example, we have a moral sense that seems to come from a higher source.

We also see design and order in the universe that suggest a purposeful creator. These experiences are not definitive proof of God, but they invite us to seek more answers.

Take the time to read many of the moral, scientific and logical ways to gain confidence that God exist.