There are things that we will never understand about God. They remain a mystery to the human mind. Even our language that is based on familiar things to us cannot begin to describe or understand these mysteries. We can however describe some important “attribute” of God that helps us to shed a small bit of light on God’s Nature.

God Exists Absolutely
This does not mean that God is always there.
God is the “source” of being or existence. There is no difference between “what “he is and “that” he is. There is no cause that caused him. God must be identical to the fullness of being. That is what God exists absolutely means.

God is Infinite 
God must be infinite, utterly limitless. By infinite we do not mean immense size or endless duration. We mean that we must deny of God limitations (like age or size). There s no other thing that limits God.  If God is the very source of being, he must be without limit. There for he is infinite.

God is One
If God is infinite, can there be another God? Obviously not.

God is Spiritual
God is not a material being.  Bodies are limited by something. God must be immaterial, that is spiritual.

God is Eternal
God is not bound by the kind of changing being which times measures. God is eternal (non-temporal). Because God is not temporal, he can become temporal.

God is Transcendental and Immanent
God cannot be part of the universe. If he were he would be limited by it. God is thecreator of all things. God must be other than his creation.  This is what we mean by transcendence.
God is the creator, the giver of the total being to all things. As such he must be active in giving the need to be and to act. If he was not actively communicating being to all things then they would cease to exist. In him we live and move and have our being.  In other words, God is imminent.

Gods is Intelligent 
God is the creator and sustainer of all things.  We know that Chemicals and living organisms are intelligible structures. (DNA) A system which things act and react to each other in a certain specific way determined by the system.  This we refer to as a plan or act of intelligence.  His intelligence is not like ours.  His intelligence must be infinitely greater. Although this is a mystery to us we call God intelligent.

God is Good
God is the source of all that we recognize as good. God is the source of all being. Therefore God cannot be evil in any way.  Evil is what should be there and is not. Something is good of its kind if it succeeds in being that kind of thing to the fullest. It is bad if it fails. God is of the fullest, therefore there can not be a question of failure on the part of the Creator.  God is one with perfect being. God is perfect good.

So if you believe God Exists and He is one all-powerful God, then click here to  learn about God’s revealed plan.


Source: Some excerpts fromHandbook of Christian Apologetics Peter Kreeft & Ronald Tracelli