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What is the meaning of life?

To answer that question you must use your heart, the center of your soul as the teacher.

Culture tells us to measure a person’s worth by his job or his wealth or by his contribution to society or by how young and handsome and healthy he is.  But your heart your inner critic says no. You have to listen to your heart.


Your heart tells you that the meaning of life is love.

What kind of love is it?  Is it any love?  No. Love of drugs or a perverted love would not be the meaning of life. Could it be kindness?  No. Sometimes tough love is better than kindness.  How about friendship? No. You can love more people than are your friends. Is it love of your neighbor? No. There are other loves that make you feel better, but the essence of love is not even a feeling. Then what kind of love is it?

Love is the willing of good of the other person.  
I love the fact that you exist. That you are real. The world is a better place because you’re in it. Love of people not things is the best love. Unselfish love not selfish love. It means treating people as people not things. Loving them for themselves

A few good reasons that the meaning of life is love:

1)      The golden rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What do you want most from people? Love. Give what you most want to get: Love.

2)      Death: What comes out of death? I love you. It’s the thing we say most often and the thing we hear most often.

3)      Love is the secret of happiness.  Not just for you but for the whole world.  It is what is needed to get all people of all races and religions together. Nothing less will do. Nothing more is needed because once there is love. Love will find its way to do whatever is needs to be done, like tearing down walls relieving poverty and starvation and making just laws that respect everybody.

4)      What else is there?  What would you swap for love? What’s better? Money? Wealth? Love is the truest wealth.  If you have love in your hear you have true gold. Fame? Glory? Honor? Power?  Hitler had all those. Success?  Love is the ultimate success.  Control? If that what you want then you would have to kill everyone became you can’t control other people’s free will. That is why love is the most precious gift. You can’t control it. You can’t make anybody love you.

Family. Love is what makes your relationship with your spouse and children so great. When there is love there is nothing better. When there is not love there is nothing worse

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Excerpts from Jacob’s Ladder: Ten Steps to Truth by Peter Kreeft