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The apparitions have been witnessed by many thousands of citizens and foreigners belonging to different religions and sects, with groups of religious organizations and scientific and professional personages and all other categories of people who have proclaimed and announced their witnesses. All giving the same details as to description and form and time and place, that unanimity has placed the matter of Virgin’s apparition beyond any doubt.

This apparition has been accompanied by two important matters:

1. The first is the strong belief in God, the other world and the saints, thus having many of the unbelievers and those of weak belief repent and be regenerated through their new true belief.

2. The second is the miraculous cure that has occurred to many patients whose cases have been examined by all concerned, medically and scientifically.

Miraculous Cures at Zeitun:

Upon visiting The Coptic Church of Zeitun many patients suffering from incurable diseases have been miraculously cured. The Papal Committee have examined the cures medically and scientifically. Blindness, paralyzed organs, cancer and dumbness have been miraculously cured by supplicating the Blessed Virgin in the Zeitun Church dedicated to Her. Doctors were amazed and officially reported that there was no medical explanation for such cures.

How She Appeared

On April 2nd 1968 an hour and a half after sunset people saw a young lady dressed in white on the church dome. They saw her walking on the dome. They thought that she was about to throw herself down. So they cried: “Be careful. Then some of the people who stood to watch the scene cried “Virgin Mary, Virgin Mary.”

Sometimes She appeared in a bust and at other times in Her full body moving between and on the domes. She bowed to the crowds of people in front of the church. She blessed them. On certain nights She stood in the attitude of praying. She knelt in front of the church cross and the dome. Sometimes She was accompanied or preceded by celestial beings in the form of doves: luminous and bright. At other times She was seen with an olive branch in Her hand.


Unusual Appearances

l. The Doves: They differ from the normal pigeons in that they are able to fly at night; they are also bigger in size and different in shape.

2. The Stars: They are bigger than the usual stars. They used to descend quickly on the church. Sometimes they were spherical in shape or like lanterns.

3. The Light: It used to appear over the domes. Its color was orange or light blue. It used to encircle the church like a sacred halo.

4. The Cross: Though opaque, the cross used to glow over the big dome with a phosphorescent light. Sometimes, a very white cross appeared over one of the domes or over the Virgin Herself when She made Her apparitions.

5. The Incense: It used to permeate the place with its strong pleasing smell and white color.

6. The Clouds: Used to appear over the domes, sometimes taking the form of the Virgin.


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