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Truth is NOT the popular consensus, “true for you but not true for me” or even what can only be proved by reason. For some, the first stumbling  block to knowing God Exists, is a lack of knowledge with regards to “The Truth.”

The First Step,

to  peace in your life is to realize that  God Exists. For some whom only believe in “reasoning” of scientific studies, it  is hard to accept “Truths” that cannot absolutely be proven though human  reason. It is necessary to understand that there is more to truth than  what is in the human mind.

TruthObjective Truth

Truth is not:

  • Known or believed by all (popular consensus)
  • Only what can be  proved by reason
  • Subjective: “true  for you but not true for me”

Truth is:

  • “Saying of what is  that it is and of what is not that it is not.”
  • The correspondence of what you know or  say to what is
  • Truth is in the mind as conformed to  the thing understood
  • Truth is  conformity between  intellect and things
  • Truth is correspondence between an  object and the form of the object in the mind.

Thomas  Aquinas affirms that one can say something  about truth: that it does in fact exist, and moreover exists eternally. He  calls this truth divine truth. Aquinas “refers the whole eternity of  truth to the divine mind.”

There are  two realms of truth:

  • Human truth: Human truth is many,  finite, and changeable
    • intellectual truth
    • truth in things
      • man-made things
      • natural things
  • Divine truth:  Divine truth is one, eternal, and unchangeable.  Independent of the human mind.
    • It is at once the origin and goal of  human truth.
    • It is what humans aim at in their  pursuit of truth.
    • Human truth would not exist without  God, since he created humans, and the objects they encounter.

A thing is  said to be true because its existence depends on either the divine mind or the  human mind. Everything is ultimately true in relation to the divine intellect.            

If you are willing to accept this truth that cannot be  explained by humans you are ready to take your first “Faithful” step. Does God Exist?