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Summary of Your Soul

1. Many believe the soul is an important part of us that can‘t be explained by our physical body and brain.
2. The soul is believed to be unique, created at conception by a higher power (God) and continuing to exist after physical death.
3. Your soul makes you special and unique, giving you the ability to think, feel, and experience the world.
4. The soul can have desires and values like truth, love, justice, goodness, and beauty.
5. It tries to find the perfect truth but doesn’t always reach it.
6. The soul can continue to exist even after death, giving us a sense of immortality, purpose, comfort, continuity, and accountability.
7. Near-Death Experiences (NDE) happen during clinical death when the heart stops and the brain is no longer receiving oxygen. During this time around 10-20% of people report seeing and hearing their surroundings remembering what’s happening and even leaving their bodies and traveling toward a bright light.