Are you interested in the truth?

If you have no desire to learn about the mystery of life and death, the purpose of life, or the how to live the fullness of life then read no further.

If you have a heartfelt desire to learn about your fate please read on.



Click on  this diagram comparing God Truth to man’s truth.

The Truth

God’s truth includes humans truth.

Man discovers truth by reason because God revealed it to him. Said another way, Revelation and Reason are parts of God’s truth.

However Human truth can change overtime. 

Just in your life time for example we used to think there was nine planets. Now we say there’s eight with four dwarf planets.

There are Truths that have been revealed by God that can be understood by human reason.

For example moral laws or even that God exists.

But there are even Truth’s revealed by God that cannot be understood by human reason.

For example of the Holy Trinity or that Christ died for our sins.

Understanding all these Truths is what separates a believer from a non believer.


If you can accept that truth can be beyond just human reason, then you’re ready for the next step.

God The Intelligent Designer

Source: Ideas adopted from Handbook of Christian Apologetics Peter Kreeft & Ronald Tracelli