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Why start here?

If you do not believe in God, you might ask why are we talking about truth? Because you believe in what you hold to be true. As a skeptic of God, you might have the popular worldview that truth is relative, or only proven by science, or doesn’t really exist?   Simply put truth is important because life has consequences for being wrong. Do you want to make the wrong bet on the truth that has eternal consequences? Let’s look at the bigger picture.

God’s Truth?

  • All truths exist in God’s mind.
  • Reality conforms to God’s mind.
  • God’s truth is eternal. It does not change.

Everything that exists in the world is said to be a “word” of God; it is an “expression” of what is in the divine mind. (St. Thomas Aquinas)

God’s truth includes humans’ truth.

For humans, truth is the conformity of a person’s mind and reality.

The Truth

Humans discover the truth over time, however man’s truth found through reason can change over time.

Human intellect is finite and can only see a glimpse of God’s truthHoweverGod’s divine love does give us the ability to know and understand more than what we see in nature through the graces of faith, hope, and love. The light of God’s larger truth is given to humans to participate in God’s love.

There are Truths that have been revealed by God that can be understood by human reason.

For example, moral laws or even that God exists.

But there are truths revealed by God that cannot be understood by natural reason. These are truths that are beyond man’s capabilities to discover through natural reason.  Although they are believable and are backed up in history, these supernatural truths can be embraced by man because God has revealed them to us.

For example: “The Holy Trinity” or that “Christ died for our sins”.

Man discovers the truth by reason because God revealed it to him. Said another way, revelation and reason are parts of God’s truth.

Faith and reason cannot contradict each other.

It is a mistake to think science disproves religion or contradicts it.

Because both the light of truths and faith are under God’s truth based on reality, faith and reason cannot contradict each other.

Understanding the full scope of truth is what separates a faithful believer from a non-believer.

To begin your journey into truth, beyond human reason but using just your reason, let’s look at the next step.

God the Intelligent Designer

Source: Ideas adapted from Handbook of Christian Apologetics Peter Kreeft & Ronald Tracelli

Faith and Reason


The Truth It is not an opinion, view, belief, consensus, majority, theory or philosophy. Our opinion does not matter. Only our choice about the truth matters.

  1. God exists.
  2. Jesus Christ is the son of God.
  3. Heaven and Hell exists.
  4. You live for eternity.
  5. To live for eternity in heaven you must accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.
  6. God has given you free will to Love Him.
  7. You are free to choose to live for eternity in Heaven or Hell.