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God’s Providence

God controls all events, whether good or bad

Nothing happens in the universe without God willing and allowing it! Nothing occurs by chance in the whole course of our lives. Perhaps you will say that while this is true for certain things, but not things that result from the free will of man. If someone strikes me, persecute me, and/or robs me, how can that be attributed to an all Loving God?  This is the excuse we use to try to shelter us from God, and is our lack of courage to fully submit to God. You might say how can God take part in these sinful actions? God Indeed is not and cannot be the author of sin. Every sin has two parts, the natural and the moral. For example the movement of the arm of a man who strikes you. The physical movement of the arm is good and the same movement could reach out and save you. The moral movement of the arm with sinful intension is evil and God cannot cooperate with that.  It is the will of man through his sinful intensions that contributes to that act.